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International University of Management and Administration (IUMA)

IUMA University is a bilingual university in Cotonou Benin Republic (French/English), Whose Vice chancellor and founder is PROFESSOR JACQUES T. EDJROKINTO. The university was founded in the year 2010,and has decorated itself with remarkable achievements and well trained graduates from this prestigious institution.

Many universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa have formed partnerships with IUMA UNIVERSITY.
Universities such as:
And many others….

The following are some of the reasons why you should attend the university:

With high-quality professional Lecturers, the Institution developed a reputation in Benin and internationally.
Provides graduate students with a fantastic job opportunity.
Her mission is to find jobs and opportunities for all kids.

The International University of Management and Administration IUMA University’s vision, or heartbeat, is to encourage new managers by providing quality training based on the official curriculum of leading careers.

The mission of IUMA UNIVERSITY in Benin Republic is to provide high-quality education to students who are motivated to study and prepare for the future.

Nigerian students get to serve in the National Youth Services Corps after completing their studies at the International University of Management and Administration in Cotonou, Benin Republic.

Every semester, students troop into the republic of bénin for the purpose of studies, however loads of courses are accredited and highly recognized, by the nigeria ministry of education and also by ministry of education and higher learning here in republic of benin.

Among-st other reasons, the major reason why students study in benin is because of the less time consuming method, international standard system of education and learning

The tuition fee is more affordable compared to private universities in nigeria. Fees are paid per semester and can be paid installmentally.

Core Values
Education Is A Central Pillar In The Development Of A Nation And The University Institute For Future Professions (IUMA) Contributes By Training And Supporting Highly Qualified Executives.

The University Institute Of Future Professions IUMA Is A Private Higher Education Establishment, Officially Authorized By Order Of The Minister Of Higher Education And Scientific Research No. 005/MESRS/CAB/DC/SGM/DPP/DGES /DEPES/SP Of March 16, 2010.

These Courses Could Relate To IUMA Programs Approved By The Ministry In Charge Of Higher Education In Accordance With The Decision Of The Approval Commission Of The National Advisory Council For Higher Education Of April 22, 2015 And Notified By Letter N ° 139/MESRS/CCNES/CH/Pd Dated May 15, 2015 And The New Programs In Progress.

The Opening Of The Institute (IUMA) Corresponds To The Concern Of The Promoters To Offer Young Beninese A Pleasant Environment Specially Equipped For The Pursuit Of Their Higher Education And Above All To Provide Civil Servants And Permanent Agents Of The State With Training. Who Will Be Able To Give Them Dual Competence In Their Field Of Work.

The Vocation Of The University Institute Of Future Professions Is To Promote Young Executives From Benin And The Sub-Region By Offering Them Quality Training Focused On Official Programs In Promising Sectors. It Aims To Provide High-Level Training For The Benefit Of Young Graduates, Academics And Executives Of Public And Private Companies Or Other Institutions.

Gradual Coverage Of Certain Countries In The Sub-Region Is Planned, Depending On The Interest Shown And The Results Of Market Studies. The IUMA Has A Pan-African Vocation To Help Increase The Chances Of Africans In International Competition And Ensure Their Integration Into The World Market.

The Objective Of IUMA Is To: Train Young People, Workers, Facilitate And Increase Their Capacity For Employability And Wealth Creation.

IUMA Is A Bilingual School With A Pan-African Vocation Offering Training In French And English For French-Speakers And English-Speakers.

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